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Sweat Hot


We like to party.

No shame, no apologies, no excuses.


Celebration is a sacred rite and should be done with as much ritual and gusto as possible. 

Parties are not frivolous, only-for-the-weekend-and-special-occasions types of things. They are an honoring of all that is life-giving and life-affirming; parties celebrate life itself. 

And because of how we're living right now - so repressed, depressed, and unimpressed with the status quo - celebration with substance & parties with purpose, too, are revolutionary. 

Dancing, in particular, is one of the healthiest activities for the whole human body- from the nervous system to the lymphatic system, to the muscles & cognitive skills - even the emotional and psychological states benefit.


So we give you Sweat Hot. House Music, AfroBeat, World Music, and all other dope shit kinda parties... 

In the daytime.


Our day house parties are for anyone who loves soulful dance music and the dance music scene. 

Dance for health and fitness.

Dance for love and life.

Dance for you and your world.


Break the chains of normal workout routines and come celebrate as you rejuvenate. 

Let's talk!

Let us know where you like to party. We may just create an event in your city with you and your guests on the list! Let us know if you want to collab or confab. Let's work together to keep the party goin'!

Thanks for submitting!

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